New kitchen table at the office! #grabtheslowcooker

Wallet for our new AF160/AF180. This one’s copped a beating over the past 6 months and we’re liking the way it wears…

It’s here!! The Performance Series has arrived and we’re officially shipping!

Friday tunes! Anyone guess the album? #vinylflyday

What do you think of our AF180 packaging??

In-ear monitors are rad. Whether they’re for your personal mix on stage (with enough isolation to look after your precious hearing), or because you just freakin’ love music and want the best possible sound to get you through your day… We get it. That’s why we make them.

People often assume they need to get theirs ears moulded to buy IEMs, making them a daunting and expensive purchase. While moulded IEMs can be a good solution for some, they can also bring a host of problems and complications… 

There is a simple and super effective alternative. We call it “universal fit” and you’ll find it across the Audiofly Performance Series. Instead of having your ears moulded, Auduiofly IEMs come with a range of ear tips, each in 3 sizes (Comply™ foam tips, dome silicon tips and tri-flange silicon tips). Once you’ve found your best fit from the supplied tips, register your product and we’ll send additional tips of your preference for FREE. Yes, we really do that.

Here’s 6 reasons why universal fit monitors kick ass:

1. Cheaper For You: Compared with equivalent “moulded” IEMs, Audiofly products are considerably cheaper. This leaves you with more money for basketball cards, or whatever gets you going…

2. No Appointments: Audiofly IEMs don’t require any audiologist appointments, followed by more appointments as your ear canals generally change every few years! 

3. Maximum Isolation: The fluid tear-shaped design of our ear pieces mean Audiofly IEMs deliver a staggering amount of isolation, especially when coupled with Comply™ tips. Don’t worry, you’ll get good at reading lips.

4. More Hygienic: Whether moulded or universal fit, ear tips are all subjected to the necessary conditions for bacteria to thrive. Replaceable tips keep your ear canals fresh and hygienic. Statistically this will help your prospects of finding a life partner. 

5. Long Term Comfort: Moulds are generally made from a solid resin with minimal “give” in the material, and this tends to get fairly sore over extended use. This is especially true for singers, as movement in the jaw causes movement in your ear canals. In blissful contrast, foam and silicon tips flex to the shape of your ears and remain comfortable over long wearing periods. Just like a good pair of skinny jeans.

6. Quick to Insert/Remove: Moulds follow the twisting shape of your ear canals, and therefore insertion and removal takes some care. Foam or silicon tips on the other hand fit straight into the ear, meaning no awkward “concentration” expressions while your monitors go in or come out.

See the Audiofly Performance Series

Product Highlight: Our AF56 headphone has a massive 13mm speaker driver. Seriously luscious sound. #wedareyou

Our tough headphone cables can handle that hustle and bustle of your day. We’ve tested them:

It’s Friday - that day of the week where we celebrate music on the largest, most impractical media in the history of the world. We call it “Vinyl Flyday”. And it sounds glorious!! #vinylflyday

Streamlined, secure and super comfy. We’ve crammed the AF78 full of technology. #dualdrivers

Disc-O-Tape!! Can you believe someone was giving this away? And it works beautifully!! #vinylflyday

Afternoon treats at Audiofly

New concept: the “Cans”. #comingsoon #audiofly #selfadjusting

Replacement ear tips are going out to everyone who’s registered their Audiofly headphones!

Best of Both Worlds

Combining different driver types to exploit the strengths of each.

The tiny drivers (speakers) inside Audiofly headphone can be tuned to focus on a particular slice of the frequency spectrum. Taking things a step further, we can combine different driver technologies to exploit the strengths of each. The dynamic driver delivers a luscious bottom-end response, while the smaller, highly-efficient balanced armature provides immaculate detail through the mids and highs. Hence we call them hybrids.

This began with our AF78 and the reviews has been overwhelming.

We wanted to turn things up a few notches… So we’ve taken this approach and built a set of hybrid in-ear monitors for stage use by musicians. Actually we’ve made two: 

AF120 - one dynamic, one balanced armature
AF140 - one dynamic, two balanced armatures

With multiple drivers optimised for particular frequency bands, a passive crossover in each ear splits the audio signal, routing it to the appropriate driver. 

Their shape and wrap-around fit offer better isolation. We’ve also up-spec’d the cable to be lightweight around your head, and super tough where it counts.

These 2 products, along with the AF160 & AF180 (more on these two soon) form our brand new Performance Series. See the full series.